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IoT Wi-Fi Module based on CC3200 Texas Instruments component.

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RC-CC3200 based on TI CC3200

IoT Wi-Fi Module based on CC3200 Texas Instrument chip.

The RC-CC3200 module is the second-generation series of modules in the SimpleLink family and consists of an applications microcontroller unit (MCU), Wi-Fi network processor, and a powermanagement subsystem. The module comes integrated with all required components including onboard flash, clocks, and RF filter for easy hardware integration and quick time-to-market.The applications MCU subsystem contains an industry-standard ARM Cortex-M4 core running at 80MHz. The RC-CC3200 module supports a wide variety of rich peripherals, including fast parallel camera of embedded RAM memory options, with peripheral drivers in ROM memory. The series also includes a secure device with on-chip 128-bit secret key supporting secure boot as well as applications and user data encryption.

The RC-CC3200 module also features a Wi-Fi network processor subsystem which contains a dedicated ARM Cortex- M3 MCU to completely offload the applications MCU. This subsystem includes 802.11 b/g/n radio, baseband, and medium access control with a powerful crypto engine for fast secured WLAN and internet connections with 256-bit encryption. The RC-CC3200 module supports station, access point, and Wi-Fi Direct modes. The RC-CC3200 module also supports WPA2 personal and enterprise security and WPS 2.0. The Wi-Fi network processor includes an embedded IPv4 TCP/IP stack.The power-management subsystem includes an integrated DC-DC converter with support for a wide range of supply voltages. This subsystem enables low-power consumption modes such as the hibernate with RTC mode which requires less than 18µA of current. For more information you can make reference to the CC3200 TI datasheet.

CE CERTIFIED ( Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU)       FCC CERTIFIED  (FCC IDENTIFIER: 2ANH5-RC-CC3200

Features :

  • Wi-Fi Microcontroller Module
  • Based on ARM Cortex - M4 kernel running frequency of 80MHz
  • Support Wi-Fi@2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n wireless standards -
  • Ultra low power mode, support deep dormancy
  • Minisize?18.22mm x 26.65mm x 1.5mm SMT
  • FCC/CE Certificated,ROHS compliant

Applications :

  • Internet of Thing (IoT)
  • Home Automation
  • Home Appliances
  • Access Control
  • Security Systems
  • Industrial Control


Pin Description 


Pads  Name  Description CC3200 Pad Number
 1  GND  Ground 65
 2  ANTSEL1  Antenna Selection Control 29
 3  ANTSEL2  Antenna Selection Control 30
 4  nRESET  Master chip reset (Active low)  32
 5  SOP2  Sense On Power 2  21
 6  SOP1  Sense On Power 1 34
 7  SOP0  Sense On Power 0 35
 8  NC    
 9  NC    
 10  NC    
 11  GND Ground 65
 12  GND Ground 65
 13  VBT_CC Chip Supply Voltage VBAT 10,37,39,44,54
 14  VDD_ANA2  ANA2 DCDC 0  47
 15  GPIO_30  General-Purpose I/O  53
 16  GPIO_31  General-Purpose I/O  45
 17  GND  Ground  65
 18  GPIO_00  General-Purpose I/O  50
 19  GPIO_01  General-Purpose I/O  55
 20  GPIO_02  General-Purpose I/O  57
 21  GPIO_03  General-Purpose I/O  58
 22  GPIO_04  General-Purpose I/O  59
 23  GPIO_05  General-Purpose I/O  60
 24  GPIO_06  General-Purpose I/O  61
 25  GPIO_07  General-Purpose I/O  62
 26  GPIO_08  General-Purpose I/O  63
 27  GPIO_09  General-Purpose I/O  64
 28  GND  Ground  65
 29  GND  Ground  65
 30  GPIO_10  General-Purpose I/O  1
 31  GPIO_11  General-Purpose I/O  2
 32  GPIO_12  General-Purpose I/O  3
 33  GPIO_13  General-Purpose I/O  4
 34  GPIO_14  General-Purpose I/O  5
 35  GPIO_15  General-Purpose I/O  6
 36  GPIO_16  General-Purpose I/O  7
 37  GPIO_17  General-Purpose I/O  8
 38  GPIO_22  General-Purpose I/O  15
 39 JTAG_TDI  JTAG_TDI Reset Default Pinout  16
 40 JTAG_TDO  JTAG_TDO Reset Default Pinout  17
 41 GPIO_28  General-Purpose I/O  18
 42 JTAG_TCK  JTAG/SWD_TCK Reset Default Pinout  19
 43 JTAG_TMS  JTAG/SWD_TMS Reset Default Pinout  20
 44 GND  Ground  65
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2.3 - 3.6 Volt
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26.65 x 18.22mm
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