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Evaluation kit for RC-WuTRX-868

Conposed from :

- N.2 Evaluation Board RC-WuTRx-868  + connection cable + Antenne

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868.35MHz Superhet Receiver Module

RCASK2-868  is an AM superhet data receiver with PLL sinthesizer and crystal oscillator.  ASK/OOK modulation. Standard European pin out . PTH Mounting . 

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868.30 MHz Radio Transmitter module with crystal oscillator, ASK/OOK Modulation


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433.92MHz Radio Transmitter module with crystal oscillator, ASK/OOK Modulation


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433.92MHz Radio Transmitter module with crystal oscillator, FSK Modulation

Power down mode is available.

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Sub 1 GHz Multichannels Radio Transceiver

It is a low cost sub 1 GHz transceiver multchannels transceiver designed for low-consumption wireless applications. The hardware is based on Texas Instruments CC1101 component.

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868MHz Multichannel Radio Modem

The RCQ2-868-S is a high performance wireless modem providing a reliable low cost serial data communications link that can be used for many data communications applications at an exceptionally competitive price. The modem operates in the ISM 868 MHz band. The RF modem is very simple to use and provides a wireless RS232 link with a RF data rate of up to 100 kbps.

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Ultra Low Power sub 1GHz Multichannel Radio Transceiver

The RC-CC1310-434 module is based on Texas Instruments CC1310F128 component. This device combines a flexible, very low power RF transceiver with a powerful 48MHz Cortex M3 nicrocontrller in a platform supporting multiple physical layers and RF standard.

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868MHz Antenna with SMA Connector

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RC-S2LP-868 module is based on STMicroelectronics S2-LP transceiver.

This device is a high performance ultra low power RF transceiver designed for RF wireless application in the sub 1GHz band.
The module is designed for maximum performance in a minimal space, with 4 programmable I/O pins.
Programmable from external microcontroller via SPI interface.
For more information and details, please refer to the S2-LP datasheet (www.st.com).

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433.92MHz AM Superhet Receiver Module with on-board decoding.

RC-RHCS-4CH is an 433.92MHz ASK Radio Receiver Module with PLL synthesizer and crystal oscillator. On the same board is integrated HCS and «Learning Code» decoding and 4 output channels.


Receiver Unit 433,92MHz 4 channels Relay Output

Evaluation kit for RCQ3-434

Conposed from :

- N.2 Evaluation Board RCQ3-434MHz + connection cable + Antenne

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Evaluation kit for RC-WuTRX-915

Conposed from :

- N.2 Evaluation Board RC-WuTRx-915  + connection cable + Antenne

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TBLO-869-4-E  composed by :

- N. 1 Bidirectional Remote Control 4 Keys

- N. 1 Receiver Board with Antenna and Power Supply

- N. 1 Relay board

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