TBLO-433-4-E (Bidirectional Remote Control)
  • TBLO-433-4-E (Bidirectional Remote Control)

TBLO-433-4-E (Bidirectional Remote Control)


KIT TBLO-433-4-E  composed by :

- N. 1 Bidirectional Remote Control 4 Keys

- N. 1 Receiver Board with Antenna and Power Supply

- N. 1 Relay board

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Essential KIT (part Number : TBLO-433-4-E) is composed by :

- N. 1 RCAT-433RX Unit (4 channels) with Antenna 433MHz
- N. 1 Commercial board 4 Relay
- N. 1 Bidirectional Remote Control
- N. 1 Power supply 5 Volt
- N. 1 Connection cable

Long range bidirectional system, composed by a bidirectional remote control (TX unit) and a RX unit with the possibility of switching 4 relays.

This bidirectional control system has been designed for the various needs of installers and electricians, it can be used to activate all types of lighting, as well as other applications such as water games, electric gates and automatic doors.

The remote control (4 keys) has both the ability to transmit and receive (bidirectional), a feature that makes it unique compared to other radio controls, it allows the user to check the status of the relay even remotely (green indicator, relay switched, indicator red relay not switched) and even to switch the single relay.

Each time a relay activation command is sent, there is a visual confirmation as to whether the activation operation was successful or not (return receipt).

Techincal Characteristics :

- Confirmation sent command (return receipt).
- Possibility to interrogate the RX unit and check the status of the 4 channels.
- GFSK modulation 19.2Kbps - Frequency 433.92MHz
- Distance: About 1000 meters in open field.



Check Status:
Press a button for about 1 second, in this way you can check the status of the
corresponding relay:
GREEN = relay not activated RED= activated.

Press a button for more than one second, the corresponding relay will switch and it is
possible to check the feedback (via the two-color LED) of the successful switching.

Each time a button is pressed, a visual confirmation is provided as to whether
the activation operation was carried out or not (return receipt).

Video : To know more about the features of this device, please view the following video:


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1000 meters in open field
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