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865÷870MHz Multichannel Radio Modem

The modem operates in the band from 865MHz to 870MHz, The RF modem is very simple to use and provides a wireless  RS232 link with a RF data rate of up to 100 kbps. Usable for Indian frequency

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The modem operates in the band from 865MHz to 870MHz.  The RF modem is very simple to use and provides a wireless RS232 link with a RF data rate of up to 100 kbps.

This type of module can work also at 866MHz (indian frequency).

The transceivers have the functions of a complete radio modem and simply require CMOS/TTL data at the transmit input and the corresponding transceiver(s) output the same data. Preamble and CRC are automatically generated and added to the RF transmission.
The RCQ3-868-RM can use any channel in 100 (200) KHz step.
Possible applications include one-to-one and multi-node wireless links in applications including security, EPOS, wireless sensor network, industrial process monitoring and computer networking.

It’s possible to set the frequency from 865MHz to 870MHz.

It's possible to set the RF Power from 0dBm to 14dBm.

The RCQ3-868-RM Radio Modem has applications in many areas where reliable half duplex communications are required over ranges up to 200 meters (with the maximum RF Power is possible to reach up to 400-500meters).
The crystal controlled narrow band design, in the embedded RCQ3-868-RM device, gives reliable performance within the 868 MHz band.
The addressing protocol employed enables many different configurations such including:

  • one-to-one operation: for point to point data communication;
  • broadcast operation: where a single master address many RCQ3-868-RM modules concurrently (using many RCQ3-868 modules set to the same address);
  • one-to-many: a network consisting a master and many slaves (the receivers all have the same address)
  • many-to-one: where the transmitters all send to a single receiver address

Since each RCQ3-868-RM can contain a unique address, multiple RCQ3-868-RM network can co-exist in the same area.


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Scheda tecnica

865 ÷ 870MHz
Tipo di Modulazione
Tensione di Alimentazione
2.2 - 3.6 Volt
Dimensioni meccaniche
22 x 15mm
Potenza RF
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