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Ultra-Low Power Wake-Up Receivers module 915MHz

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Ultra Low Power WakeUp Transceiver allow to optimaze the power consumption for IoT application.
It’s a transceiver module that uses «wake up receiver tecnique» to be used in very low consumption applications.The WakeUp-Receiver continuously monitors the wireless channel (without the use of a microcontroller) and recognizes if there are any radio signals addressed to him, in this case it returns the data received on the serial interface.
The device wakes up every 1000ms (this time is programmable) for a time of 250µsec.
In this conditions the average of the consumption is 10µA with a Sensibility of -110dBm.

The device RC-WuTRx-XXX is based on the CC1310 device from Texas Instrument, and is available at  three frequencies : 433MHz - 868MHz and 915MHz.


The functionalities of this device are the following :
- Wireless Switch the 4 outputs of the module A correspond to the 4 inputs of module B and the other way around.
- Wireless Actuator by serial port you can control 4 Output in monostable and bistable mode.
- Radio Modem have the functions of a complete radio modem and simply require CMOS/TTL data at the transmit input and the corresponding transceiver(s) output the same data.
  Preamble and CRC are automatically generated and added to the RF transmission.


 The device can be work in two modality : 

n the modality EU (Ultra Low Consumption) the average of the consumption is around 10µA instead in modality EP (Low Consumption) the average of the consumption is around 1.2mA.

EP Mode 

In this modality the averange of the consumption is around 1.2mA; On each received data,an automatic acknowledge ACK is immediately transmitted to the sender. It is a bidirectional system. It is possible at any time to know all the information relating to the remote device: configuration,
input status, output status, RSSI, and more.

EU Mode

In Ultra Low Consumption Mode (EU) when the device receive the data is not enabled the automatic acknowledge to the sender.
If you need to make your system bidirectional it is necessary to manage the device with a microcontroller and enable transmission by sending a command type : 

You can use this device in three possible ways :

- As a simple Receiver Module with a low consumption of 10µA without any bidirectionality.

- Use this module with an external microcontroller and when is necessary to make a transmission or request of information to the remote device will enable the transmission (TX enable).

- Using the remote command ##EP and ##EU (described chapter 9.0) you can set the remote device alternately in EP(Low Cons) and EU(Ultra Low Cons.) and therefore have the possibility to use the bidirectional function and therefore the very low consumption at your discretion.
For example you can set the remote device :
1) Put the remote device in EP (Low Consumption 1.2mA) using the command ##EP
2) Verify the state of the digital input o output or the configuration (command in chapter 9.0)
3) After that you have received these informations
4) Put the remote device in EU (Ultra Low Consumption 10µA)

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Scheda tecnica

Tipo di Modulazione
Tensione di Alimentazione
2.2 - 3.6 Volt
10µA ÷ 1.2mA
Dimensioni meccaniche
22 x 15mm
Potenza RF
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