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LoRa Radio Modem test

The purpose of this test is to verify the reachable distance, in terms of meters, using the RadioControlli LoRa modules called RC-RICK-868.

 Tested product   :   RC-RICK-868    

Date of test        :    09/02/2023

Temperature       :   10°C 

Test Frequency   :   868.04MHz

Antenna used :        Rubber type RC-ANT-SMA-868


( See pictures below of TX module and RX module).


Radio Parameters       :   BW=3(62kHz);SF=12;CR=3 ;  PreambleLen=5 ;Freq:868.04MHz ; TX power 22dbm;

Description of the test :

 1.Connect the TX module to a laptop using a USB dongle. Using the command AT+TXPW=22 set the maximum transmissible power.

 2. Use the RC-WLE5-XXX test software  and set the transmission of data packets (12345)  and send them regularly once every 3 seconds.

 3. In the receiving station, connect the RX module to a portable PC, and install the same softwasre RC-WLE5-XXX.

 4. When transmitting data from the transmitting station (TX module), check the correctness of the data received and the RSSI value in the receiving station (RX module).

Note :

For more info, please visit the following  link :  LoRa AT Command  and see our Youtube VIDEO.

Distance Result :

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