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Receiver Unit 433,92MHz 2 channels Relay Output



RC-RHCS-4CHB is a 2-channel receiver unit operating at a of 433.92MHz with ASK / OOK modulation. It is equipped with a superheterodyne radio module.

It can be used with all the remote controls that use the RT1530 and EV1527 decoding (Learning Code).

Or it can be used with remote controls with Keeloq HCS encoders programmed with RadioControlli code.

For more information you can consult the datasheet of the module denominated RC-RHCS-4CH.


Power Supply

The board  operates at 12 volts.

The "Jumper 1" can be used to work at 5Volt.

As soon as the card is powered up, the green LED "LED Power" lights up.

Compatible remote controls

The board can be used with the RCTV-01 series RadioControlli remote controls 

and with all the remote controls based on the RT1530 and EV1527 encoders.

It can also be used with Keeloq HCS remote controls

programmed with RadioControlli manufacture code.

Operating mode

The 2 on-board relays can operate monostable or 

bistable mode, depending on the needs.

Default configuration:

- Remote controls with encoder EV1527

- Monostable mode operation

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Data sheet

HCS 301 Keeloq / EV 1527
Supply Voltage
2 Ch

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