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Bidirectional Remote Control KIT BRC52

7 days

KIT BRC42 composed by :

- N. 2 Bidirectional Remote Control 4 keys

- N. 1 Receiver Board with Antenna and Power Supply

- N. 1 Relay board (8 relay)

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 868MHz wireless actuator for home automation, composed by A SEND unit (bidirectional remote control) and a RECEIVER unit with the possibility to switch up to N. 8 relays. This wireless remote control system has been developed to meet the various needs of installers and electricians it can be used to switch on every kind of lighting, as well as other applications such as water games, electric gates and automatic doors.

The remote control (5 buttons)  has the capacity both to transmit an receive (bidirectional) feature that makes it unique from other remote controls,  allows the user to merely verifying,  even remotely,  the state of his system.

Each time it is activated a command gets a visual confirmation if the activation operation was successful or not (return of receipt).

The bidirectional remote control can be supplied in 3 versions :

  1.  All the 8 channels in monostable mode.
  2.  All the 8 channels in bistable mode.
  3.  4 channels in bistable mode and 4 channels in monostable mode.

 Features :

--- N. 8 channels. 
--- Confirmation of the command sent (return receipt).
--- Possibility to check the status of the 8 output channels.
--- GFSK 19.2Kbps modulation.
--- Modulazione GFSK 19.2Kbps
--- Frequency 869.5 Mhz - PowerOutput +20dBm(100mW). 
--- Distance: up to 500 meters in open field with maximum transmission power 20dBm (100mW). 
--- Number of remote control to be combined with receiver control unit : until 256.

 EVALUATION KIT is composed by : 

It's possible to make the following connections :



Push a key for about 1 second, in this way you can verify the status of the corresponding relay,

GREEN=relay activated     RED=relay not activated.

Press the button for more than one second the relay switches and you have visual feedback of 'switching occurred.

SHIFT + Key N.1 -à Relè N.5

SHIFT + Key N.2 -à Relè N.6

SHIFT + Key N.3 -à Relè N.7

SHIFT + Key N.4 -à Relè N.8



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